Mobile Marketing Features: Take Your Cool Factor Up a Notch

Check Out All the Cool Features Our Mobile Marketing Will Provide for You

Before you embark on this new mobile marketing adventure, chances are you will want to know exactly what kinds of features our mobile apps and marketing offer. Let us introduce you to our team, your new best friend in mobile marketing.

Our team of mobile marketing experts create professional applications for iPhone, iPad, and Android, and we do it all at a price that works with your budget.

Utilizing our services is simple. No need to be a software developer or some kind of Xcode or Java expert. You will be able to view a wide array of apps designed by our award winning design team, then simply select the features you would like to incorporate. Already know exactly what you want? No, problem, simply provide that information to our design team, sit back, and wait for your completely Done For You app to be delivered.

Our list of features is quite impressive, so get ready for some awesomeness! Whatever you can dream up for your business, you will be able to make it happen with these features.

Sync: Add new content for your live app and we will send your updates through the Cloud to every single device that has your app.

Push Notification: Easily incorporate pop-up messages using your online access to all of your users’ devices. You have the option to create multiple notification topics, allowing users to subscribe to a particular event or topic of interest. In turn, allowing you to update your users with pinpoint accuracy on all of the things they’re interested, while not overwhelming them with things they’re not.

In-App Purchases: Offer digital content including virtual currency, expansion packs, upgrades and more for purchase within your apps.

RSS Feed Reader: Converts your RSS feed into an easy to use mobile page. Each item links to a new page with full story.

App Share: Help your customers spread the word about your app via Facebook or email.

Newsstand: Publish your magazine for Newsstand (IOS 5 and higher).

Be Social: Let your customers promote your app on their social networks.

  • Share the app or page content on Facebook.
  • Login with a Facebook account.
  • Embed YouTube videos in your app and link to YouTube channels.
  • Achieve Twitter integration by tweeting and respond to tweets from your app.

Custom Tabs: Create an app with a modern new look and custom tabs.

Google Analytics: Track your app’s detailed statistics using Google Analytics, the most widely used website and mobile apps statistic service.

QR Coupon/Loyalty Features: Prompt users to scan QR codes at your sales point and offer discounts and incentives.

Image View: Deliver rich imaging capabilities starting from basic galleries to 3D modeling.

eCommerce POS: Experience the ultimate way to make a mobile app for your business in sales. Target all markets around the world with your products and services. Create your own mobile store with ease.

And many more…

If you are ready to have us get started creating and your own custom mobile apps, contact us today. We will even begin by providing you with a custom mobile app mock-up to help you catch the vision of what mobile marketing can do for your business.


Are you ready to say yes to mobile marketing to attract more customers than ever before? Would it help to be able to see a custom app mock-up for your business? Let’s make that happen now, so you can get on the fast track to mobile marketing success.

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